We’ve all experienced travel fatigue. Those creaking limbs, the stiff joints, the yawns you exhale upon arrival at your destination and after your return. Your mind wants you to complete the journey, get out of the car and feel at perfectly at ease, but your body simply will not cooperate. So you lose time. Valuable… Read More

You can remember when you first went out to sea can’t you? The excitement to be starting that job. To be going out there, beyond the horizon. That initial fascination and enthusiasm inside you isn’t gone, but it’s somewhat diminished by harsh reality. And the exhilaration of a voyage has slowly collapsed into the mundane… Read More

I’ve been here before myself. Studying for that vital exam where failure is not an option. It’s unthinkable that you might get anything other than top marks. So you work hard, and you’ve become used to feeling tired and sleepy all the time. But, you know it’ll all be over soon when you pass with… Read More

A strong bout of the Flu can sure set you back. One minute you were running through fields and skipping over streams. Not literally of course, unless you live in the country and enjoy doing stuff like that. But it’s Safe to say you were enjoying life though, and that you had lots of energy.… Read More

No matter what the cause of your fatigue, the best medicine for tiredness is always a healthy diet which aids in the bodies production of energy. But we live hectic lives, and so although we often try to keep to a good diet; many times we find it difficult. It’s hard to fit in 5… Read More

  Do you want to know what causes constant fatigue? Well, if you’re suffering from it you’ll be glad to know that there are many reasons for your tiredness and many aren’t that serious in terms of medical consequences. But most can become serious if you leave them untreated. Now take a deep breath, because… Read More

I know the feeling. We all do. Throughout almost the entire working day, you suffer from fatigue. Everybody else rushes around like little beams of light while you’re stagnated, sitting there falling behind. And, you’re asking yourself: What can i take for tiredness? Well first of all, this situation is more common than you think.… Read More

Leg Fatigue is very common. It’s common because we rely on our legs to hold up our whole body when we walk so they have to work hard. Pain in joints, inflammation, stiffness and tiredness are all symptoms of leg fatigue and they can be debilitating. Leg Fatigue can, if untreated lead to such pain… Read More

Lethargy is like weight gain. Some people are prone to bouts of it for their entire lives. Others suffer from it once or twice. But whether lethargy is something you’re new to feeling, or if it’s something you’ve had to deal with your entire life, you’ll be happy to know that there is a cure.… Read More

Chronic fatigue causes sufferers to feel weak and constantly tired. People with this condition lack energy and cannot perform simple parts of their daily routine without getting sleepy and lethargic. As a result of this inability to live as they used to, unhappiness sets in. This spirals into depression, which eats up any remaining energy… Read More