Causes and Treatment For Leg Fatigue

Leg Fatigue is very common. It’s common because we rely on our legs to hold up our whole body when we walk so they have to work hard. Pain in joints, inflammation, stiffness and tiredness are all symptoms of leg fatigue and they can be debilitating. Leg Fatigue can, if untreated lead to such pain… Read More

Overcoming Lethargy - Baby Steps First

Lethargy is like weight gain. Some people are prone to bouts of it for their entire lives. Others suffer from it once or twice. But whether lethargy is something you’re new to feeling, or if it’s something you’ve had to deal with your entire life, you’ll be happy to know that there is a cure.… Read More

Depression and Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue causes sufferers to feel weak and constantly tired. People with this condition lack energy and cannot perform simple parts of their daily routine without getting sleepy and lethargic. As a result of this inability to live as they used to, unhappiness sets in. This spirals into depression, which eats up any remaining energy… Read More

Post Viral Fatigue Treatment

Post viral fatigue is no joke because it renders people unable to complete even the smallest task. Most are confined to their bedrooms and even walking down the stairs can cause breathlessness, tiredness, joint pain, lack of energy and headaches. It will not just vanish, and if untreated Post Viral Syndrome will persist for many… Read More

How Seafarers Can Overcome Fatigue

You can remember when you first went out to sea can’t you? The excitement to be starting that job. To be going out there, beyond the horizon. That initial fascination and enthusiasm inside you isn’t gone, but it’s somewhat diminished by harsh reality. And the exhilaration of a voyage has slowly collapsed into the mundane… Read More

How To Overcome Fatigue At Work

So you’re at work and it’s 12pm. You’re fine, not too tired at all. You go out for your lunch break and come back at 12.30. Slightly tired now. You’re becoming increasingly tired by 2pm and by 3pm you just want the day to be over. We’ve all been there. You look around at your… Read More


Introduction: The diagnosis is the scariest part. The Doctor, who was relaxing back in his chair when you walked in, suddenly leans forward. He’s more focused and serious in his posture. He tells you that you have a condition called Chronic Fatigue Disorder and that there’s no pill to make you better immediately. There’s no… Read More