People who say "I feel tired all the time" may be experiencing the symptom which health care professionals refer to by the medical term "Fatigue".


  • You may be asking , “Why am I so tired all the time?”


  • People who say “I feel tired all the time”  may be experiencing the symptom which  health care professionals refer to by the medical term “Fatigue”.


  • There are of course hundreds of possible causes of fatigue. In most cases, it’s probably due to some unhealthy lifestyle or diet; which means fatigue may  be manageable even without medical attention.  And the treatment of course for fatigue  caused by the above  is a no-brainer: change of lifestyle and  eating nutritious diet. Sometimes, for different reasons, many who have found eating right very challenging would resort to natural energy boosters or energy drinks instead.Read more….


  • Just how common is fatigue? It is probably too common that people tend to ignore it or just decide to live with it. A very good book that  I highly recommend to learn about most of the issues related to fatigue  is “From Fatigued to Fantastic” by  Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. It is the most comprehensive and helpful one I have found on the subject.

Chronic Fatigue

  • If the fatigue has gone on for too long (more than six months or so), it may be an indication of a potentially disabling conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS ), which used to go by the name Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome or CFIDS with or without associated Fibromyalgia (FM) or Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS). (Incidentally, many  holistic practitioners like  Dr. Teitelbaum   would treat  patients who have persistent chronic fatigue states  resulting in  considerable  functional impairment as if they have CSF,  even though they may not have   enough symptoms to be diagnosed as having CSF).  Read more…


  • According to an advisory from the Center For Disease Control (CDC), early diagnosis and treatment for CFS may hold the key to substantial recovery. “The percentage of CFS patients who recover is unknown, but there is some evidence to indicate that the sooner a person is treated, the better the chance of improvement. This means early diagnosis and treatment are important”.


  • In fact so alarmed was CDC about the rising incidence of incapacitating or disabling CFS that the agency  developed a tool kit for health care practitioners to properly assess those who are suffering from  chronic fatigue and implement the applicable  treatments as soon as possible while the functional impairments due to the illness may still be manageable or reversible.

Overcome Fatigue

  • This website was created to educate the readers about fatigue and how to overcome it.


  • The first step in overcoming fatigue is to find out the answer to your question “Why am I so tired all the time?”. Meaning you need to find  out first what is causing your fatigue.  Because your treatment options will be determined by the  underlying cause or causes of your fatigue. Note that I said treatment options because in most cases of fatigue (in fact  all cases of chronic fatigue) it is not just one thing.


  • In most cases of fatigue, changes in lifestyle or diet, or taking some natural energy boosters or energy drinks may be all you need to overcome fatigue. For some the treatment may require so much more. Keep reading.    


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